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3.5 grams of exotic flower

Runtz Exotic is a cannabis strain that belongs to the "exotic" lineage of the Runtz family. It's known for its appealing appearance, potent effects, and distinct flavor profile. This strain is a cross between the popular strain Runtz and an "exotic" or lesser-known strain, resulting in a unique combination of characteristics.

Runtz Exotic typically features dense and colorful buds with a generous coating of trichomes. The aroma and flavor of this strain can vary, but they often include fruity, sweet, and sometimes tropical notes.


Hybrid strains like Runtz often aim to blend the best qualities of  Runtz Indica and Sativa genetics. The effects of a hybrid strain can vary widely depending on the specific genetics and the ratio of Indica to Sativa in the cross. In the case of Runtz, it's known for providing a mix of both cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation.

The effects of the Runtz strain can vary depending on individual tolerance, dosage, and the specific phenotype of the strain you're consuming. However, Runtz is generally known for providing a balanced combination of both cerebral and physical effects. Here are some common effects associated with the Runtz strain:

  • Euphoria: Runtz often induces a sense of euphoria and happiness, uplifting your mood and promoting a positive mindset.
  • Relaxation: This strain typically offers a relaxing body sensation without necessarily causing sedation. This can help ease tension and stress without making you feel overly sluggish.
  • Creativity: Many users report enhanced creativity and focus while under the influence of Runtz. This effect can be beneficial for artistic or productive activities.
  • Sensory Enhancement: Runtz can heighten sensory perception, making experiences like music, art, and food more enjoyable and vibrant.
  • Pain Relief: Due to its potential analgesic properties, Runtz may provide relief from mild to moderate pain and discomfort.

Runtz Exotic


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