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How to choose the right cannabis strain for you - Mr. Nice Guys BK

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Each cannabis strain is incredibly unique in its own way. Most dispensaries have different types of cannabis to display in their dispensaries or to promote on their websites. The selection of which strains to choose from can seem overwhelming. However, by learning about your tastes and preferences and the basics of weed, you can soon become an expert and feel confident choosing a strain to smoke next. This article will answer some of your questions about stress. Here are some important points to consider when choosing between different cannabis strains.

Mature cannabis comes in a variety of forms. If you've been to a dispensary, you've probably seen several strains, all with different effects and active chemicals. Cannabis strains contain unique active chemicals.

The most important consideration when choosing the best cannabis strain for your needs is chemotype. The chemistry of a strain is largely determined by plant genetics. The chemotype is so important because it determines the psychological and physical effects you experience. Chemotype is essentially a strain ratio of THC to CBD. This ratio has a huge impact on the user experience.

Cannabis strains generally fall into one of three chemotypes:

  • THC-dominant: Contains a higher proportion of THC and a lower proportion of CBD

  • CBD-dominant: Contains a higher proportion of CBD and a lower proportion of THC

  • Balanced: Contains equal or nearly equal amounts of THC and CBD

How to choose between chemotypes?

  • If You Are Looking For An Intoxicating Psychoactive Experience, Choose The THC-Dominant Strain

  • Keep in mind that stress high in THC can be sedating and may also be accompanied by increased heart rate and feelings of anxiety or paranoia.

  • Balanced strain is also addictive, but higher levels of CBD can reduce some of the effects of THC, including intoxication, sedation, and anxiety.

  • CBD-dominant strain is not psychoactive and may have relaxing, antianxiety effects

Impact of Indica Sativa and Hybrid ?

Another set of terms you've probably heard in relation to cannabis strains are indica, sativa, and hybrid. Most manufacturers will tell you whether a strain is a sativa, indica or hybrid, but they usually don't list the chemistry of the strain. You can identify the chemotype by looking at the cannabinoid potency label, which all strains are listed in legal dispensaries.

Most people would think that the terms indica, sativa, and hybrid would be used interchangeably to describe the effects of a particular strain, given that sativa produce an uplifting, euphoric high. Indica makes users more relaxed, mellow and drowsy. And hybrids produce some combination of the two. The truth is that a strain's classification as indica, sativa or hybrid isn't really about any particular effect. It is about the physical characteristics and structure of the plant, which can be extremely useful information for growers.

Do cannabis label help select the best strain?

Choosing a good strain is completely subjective. In order to effectively decide whether you want to try a strain, you need to know where lab testing comes in.

Dispensaries cannabinoid and terpene strains undergo rigorous laboratory testing to determine their profile. It is tested to ensure that the plant does not contain harmful levels of pesticides, fungicides, or other chemicals that could cause health problems.

This gives you an idea of the quality of the product. Lab testing lets you know that the cannabis you're consuming is safe, no matter which variety you decide to consume.

Labels for cannabis products include:

Type: whether the breed is indica, sativa and hybrid.

Brand: This part of the label tells you who grew or produced the flowers.

Cannabinoid Content: This will tell you how much THC and CBD is in the strain.

Testing laboratories and information: Always choose products that have been laboratory tested with publicly available laboratory results.

Harvest Date and Batch ID: This is when the product was harvested. The regulations require that all cannabis products be tested in batches. Batch ID is a specific product in the jar and identifies a particular strain from seed to sale.

State Law Compliance Label: This is a sticker or printed text indicating that they are in compliance with state law.

Tips on Choosing a Strain

Choosing a strain to get a "good weed" requires taking several different factors into consideration. Effectiveness, taste, fragrance preferences, label, and price are some of the important factors. The combination of all these factors will be different for each person, so the following tips should help anyone to search for that elusive, perfect tension.

1- Consider Terpene Profiles

Terpenes are chemical compounds found naturally in plants and some animals. They are responsible for the aroma, flavor and even color associated with different types of plants. The terpene profile of a strain has a more subtle effect. In the context of cannabis, terpenes are what make some strains smell or taste different from others. By the time, you will start to find the strain and terpene profile that works best for you. As you try different strains, keep track of which terpene you like best, so you can find more strains you like.

2- The flavor you like the most

Your taste preferences can help you identify which breed you will enjoy the most. Choosing cannabis flavors doesn't necessarily mean you enjoy the flavor in food and beverages, but it does affect what you consider a good strain. If you love spices, the more hashish strains will be perfect for you. It could be that simple.

  • Berry lovers are more likely to enjoy the sweet, fruity flavor

  • Lemon fans are likely to enjoy the more sour, diesel-type strains.

  • Black coffee drinkers are more likely to prefer Diesel or Pine strains.

  • If you like cream, try a sweet and earthy flavor.

3- Read Strain Reviews

Check out the dispensary online for strains and product reviews. If they have product information on their blog, you can use that to decide if a strain is right for you. Before you head to your local dispensary, take some time. Read strain reviews from cannabis enthusiasts on their website, you will get real insight. If it sounds like something you'd enjoy, take a look at that strain and check it out at your favorite dispensary.

4- Don't let the price outweigh the rest

  • Being a consumer, we all can understand how much price matters. But that doesn't mean we only go for cheap.

  • Just because a variety is on sale doesn't mean the product is of inferior quality or doesn't have the delicious flavor you'll enjoy. These specials can also be a great opportunity to find a good deal on weed, so you can try a strain you've never tried before for a great experience.

  • Choosing an expensive strain for its price can be a mistake because an expensive jar of weed doesn't always equate to a better experience.

  • When choosing a variety, start with the flavors and aromas you like as well as the effects, then let price be a secondary factor for a good experience.

5- Keep track of the strains you smoke

Once you've chosen a breed, be sure to pay attention to its type, scent and taste, effectiveness, and brand. This is because if you try it again to find a difference, you can switch to another or complain about it. As we said at the beginning of this post, finding the best weed is more about personal preference, so keeping track of what you do and don't like will help you choose the strains you like. So, keeping these notes on your phone will ensure that they are with you the next time you visit the dispensary or shop online.

Choosing a Strain from Mr. Nice Guys BK

Now that you know more about choosing a breed, shop Mr. Nice Guy's BK Weed Store in Brooklyn for a delicious selection! With a range of prices and brands, you can experiment with a new type or choose the one you know you'll enjoy. Our menu lets you filter your selections or look for a specific product - so you can quickly pick a strain to ignite and then find a similar strain when you need to rev up.


This blog post can help you choose a new strain, no matter where you visit our site. Take note of everything mentioned and find the weed strain for you.

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